This site is designed to provide unique market data peak information to IT professionals in the hope that it will enable them to solve - with even greater insight - their organizations' throughput and capacity planning issues.

The message data rates presented on this site are processed and updated through a single Exegy Ticker Plant appliance residing in a colocation facility. The rates shown are updated every minute and show the actual one-second peak within that minute.

The data rates are aggregated from the following feeds:

Feed    Exchange / Source
NYSE ArcaBookabxdp
Bats EDGA Multicast Depthbatsmcast
Bats EDGX Multicast Depthbatsmcast
Bats BYX Multicast Depthbatsmcast
Bats BZX Multicast Depthbatsmcast
Chicago Stock Exchange CHX Bookchx
Canadian Securities Exchange Market Datacsemc
IEX DEEPiexdeep
IEX TOPS Exchangeiextops
FINRA Bulletin Board Dissemination Servicebbds
Nasdaq BX TotalViewtot50
Nasdaq PSX TotalViewtot50
FINRA Trade Data Dissemination Servicetdds
Nasdaq TotalViewtot50
NYSE Arca BBOxdpequities2
NYSE American OpenBook Ultraultrabook
NYSE MKT Imbalancesxdpequities2
NYSE BBOxdpequities2
NYSE OpenBook Ultraultrabook
NYSE Imbalancesxdpequities2
OTC Markets Real-Time+ Quote Bookpinkmcastbin
OTC Markets Real-Time+ Tradespinkmcastbin
CTA Consolidated Quote System (Service A)cqs
CTA Consolidated Quote System (Service B)cqs
CTA Consolidated Tape System (Service A)cts
CTA Consolidated Tape System (Service B)cts
UTP Quotation Data Feed (Binary)utp
UTP Trade Data Feed (Binary)utp
Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA)opra